Monday, August 26, 2013

Tutor Doctor Longmont: What’s your Student’s Learning Style?

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

Students process and absorb information in different ways.  Teachers teach in different styles.  Is it the same as your student’s learning style?  Do you understand the math concepts at Erie
High School? The chemistry concepts at Mead high school? The writing concepts at Timberline?    If not, maybe your learning style is different from the teaching style.   Not every one learns in the same way. Some students like to see the big picture first and then learn the details and skills of each step while others can’t imagine what the big picture will be until they have learned each little step along the way.
Some students find diagrams and infographics helpful in learning information while others like to listen to the teacher’s lesson to get their facts and figures. Others like to build, measure, mix and experiment when they are learning. Knowing what your student’s learning style is will make it easier for you to present information in a format that they can relate to.
Visual learners
Visual learners like their information presented in an interesting visual format so videos, pictures, charts, illustrations, mind maps, and online presentations are a great way for them to learn. Presenting information this way makes it easier for them to see how things relate to each other. Visual learners should create their own mind maps and graphics when they are studying as this will help them to remember the information and see.
Auditory learners
These students are good listeners. They like teachers and tutors who explain, talk and read aloud. These students learn understand through a more traditional teaching method. When they are learning, auditory learners can benefit from reading aloud or listening to taped lectures and online podcasts.
Tactile learners
These students like to learn through action. They are great with experiments, measuring, observations, field trips, building models and other physically-oriented tasks. Activity is the way to get them to remember information or learn new skills.
If your student is having trouble with a subject, ask their teacher or tutor to help you ascertain their learning style and then present the information in a way that they will absorb best.  If you are curious about your student’s learning style, take a quick online test with sites such as  VARK. Tutors are great at understanding learning styles and they will be able to not only help your student to understand their learning style, but to convert information into a format that they understand best.
During our free initial consultation, our education consult can discuss learning styles and how it affects your student’s grades and school performance.  Our one to one and consistent tutor program allows for the presentation of information in the learning style of the student’s abilities – as opposed to the teaching style of the classroom teacher. Watch the confidence and abilities soar with our one to one approach!  Call today for a FREE initial consultation.
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