Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do you want a gift that needs NO batteries, lasts a lifetime and DEcreases stress?

Do you want a gift that needs NO batteries, lasts a lifetime and DEcreases stress?
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Tutoring: Is it Right for your Student?

Every child goes through a difficult academic time. It could be that they are having issues adjusting to a new school or a new grade, perhaps they are having personal or social problems or maybe they don’t get on well with their teacher. With so many factors playing a role in academic performance, you need to carefully weigh the situation to determine whether your student needs help.
Cause and effect
Always keep a close eye on your student’s grades and keep in regular contact with their teachers. If you or your teacher notices a change in academic performance act quickly. Nipping problems in the bud will make them so much easier to deal with.
Sit down with your student and their teacher to ascertain what the problem is. Everyone has a bad test or a poor assignment score from time to time and one poor grade does not a disaster make. If your student got a bad grade, ask them what went wrong and how they can remedy the situation in the future. Two bad grades on consecutive tests or papers means that there is possibly a miscommunication. Go through the paper with your student to ascertain exactly what went wrong and discuss how to fix it.
If the academic problems persist, it may be time to look at the bigger picture.
Causes of poor academic performance
Speak with your student to find out exactly how much time they devote to study and what else if going on in their lives. Poor academic performance can be the result of several factors:
·         Too many sports/after school activities
·         Health issues
·         Social problems or bullying
·         Personal or family problems
·         Learning disabilities
·         Poor diet
·         Poor relationship with a teacher
·         Gaps in academic knowledge or skill
Only once you have clearly established the cause of academic discord can you work on a solution. Include your student in any discussions about their future or about possible solutions to the problems they are having. Inclusive practices make it more likely that they will participate in the proposed solutions.
If your students don’t have extraneous reasons for poor academic performances, it may be time to get an in-home tutor. One-on-one tutoring is the very best way to get your student’s academic performance back on track. Tutors are able to establish gaps in your student’s knowledge or skill set and can pinpoint issues that need the most attention. Tutors can also present information in ways that suit your child’s learning style so that they are able to understand the work better.
Tutors can help your students to study for exams and to complete homework and assignments on time. Tutors are experts at study methods and they can help your students to study in an effective and efficient way.
Tutors work with your students on an individual level, so there is no anxiety about answering or asking questions. As they get back on track, their confidence grows and the anxiety they feel at school will be reduced.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 
From our Tutor Doctor Longmont Family to your family.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Handling ADHD: Tips from Teachers

What do Howie Mandel, Justin Timberlake, Richard Branson, Michael Phelps and Jim Carey have in common? They have all been diagnosed with ADHD. Knowing that successful people not only cope with ADHD, but use all that energy and enthusiasm to fuel their careers can be a wonderful motivator for students and parents. With a few tips from the experts, you can find an academic solution that helps your students to shine.
Talk to your teachers
This is the most important step in the process. Your teachers will have experience dealing with ADHD students and they can help to set up a routine at school and communicate with your student in a way that they both find helpful.
Speak to your teacher about where to place your student in the classroom to minimize distraction.
Communication is key for your student to get the most out of every class so make sure that you speak with your teachers regularly to discuss issues or upcoming assignments and tests.
Try to perform daily tasks at the same time as this helps to focus energy and gives a pattern to the day that will help you and your student to stay organized and on top of homework.
Students may seem willful but often they just get distracted when you are speaking with them. When giving instructions or directions, use concise language and keep it short. Ask your student to repeat instructions to ensure that they have heard you.
Visible Schedules
Make sure homework tasks, assignments and upcoming tests and exams are listed on a schedule that is very accessible. Use a white board in the kitchen, or a smartphone app or a calendar in the bedroom; anything to help remind your student of the tasks that need to be completed.
Homework space
Ensure that the space where your student studies is well lit, quiet and free from distraction. Ensure that other siblings don’t offer additional distractions and that there is an environment conducive to learning.
Regular bedtimes
Ensure that your student gets enough sleep or they may have trouble concentrating in class.
Break it down
When students begin to feel overwhelmed by a particularly big task or when they feel like they have too much to do, help them to break down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. Set out a schedule with each small task written down to show that it’s manageable. Focusing on small short term goals will help to keep them focused and involved. 

Tutor Doctor Longmont's one to one learning is ideal for children with ADHD.  We take time to learn your child's needs and match a great tutor to fit those needs.  Contact us today!