Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tutor Doctor Longmont: How to Choose the Right Academic Coach for Your Student

Struggling academically or doing a little extra academic coaching to bring up a grade point average is a natural part of growing up.  Academic coaches offer students that need a little extra help from time to time and getting a professional in-home coach is the best choice for improving grades. One-on-one academic coaching will mean that your student gets the all the help they need. There are so many benefits to academic coaching, but you must find the right academic coach to suit your student in order to for them to get the best out of the situation.

Benefits of academic coaches
  • Academic coaches are able to identify the gaps in your student’s knowledge and fill in the building blocks for them.
  • Academic coaches focus on teaching the skills your students need to excel, rather than just disseminating information.
  • Each student has a learning style. Academic coaches are able to identify the learning styles of each student and then present information in ways that your student understands.
  • The one-on-one academic coaching gives your student the opportunity to answer without fear of embarrassment which helps them to build confidence and improves performance.
  • Academic coaches teach students study methods that work for them. They can help students to study for exams and tests, help with homework, help them to effectively manage their time and compile study schedules that leave enough time to study for each subject.
  • In-home academic coaches come to you and fit in with your schedule, so you aren’t inconvenienced.
  • Confidence gained through academic coaching will help reduce the anxiety your student feels in academic situations.
Choosing the right academic coach

Start by talking with your student and their teacher. This will help you to ascertain exactly what difficulties your student is having. Knowing exactly what the problem is will help you to find a academic coach that is the right fit.
The success of a academic coaching program depends on your student, so get their opinions and input so that they are part of the process.  Contact Tutor Doctor Longmont for free consultation to start the process to assess each student’s personality and learning style needs.  We ensure that the academic coaches have the right qualifications to teach your student.
If the academic coach isn’t a good fit for your student, feel free to ask for a different academic coach.  That is a benefit of using Tutor Doctor Longmont. Getting the right academic coach will exponentially improve your student’s performance.  In-home academic coaches are able to give your student their undivided attention.

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