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3 Ways Summer Tutoring Can Get Your Child Ready For The Fall

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summer tutoringSummer is often the time when families work to catch up on things that fell by the wayside during the busy school year. When parents work and kids get behind in school, it is also the time many take to focus on preparation for the coming year.
Some do this with summer school - yet when family vacations and other fun summer events crowd the calendar sometimes the best choice is summer tutoring.  Hiring a tutor is a positive thing, learn more why you should hire a tutor.
The Benefits of Individualized Study
Individualized study is always the fastest way to support any learner in quickly identifying what needs focus, while also being able to create an individualized plan so the time spent one-on-one truly addresses the learning issues your student is most needing support with.
Like with big student numbers in general classroom study - summer school does not always meet with the individual issues that can resolve simple learning confusion or misunderstanding on a topic or subject.
Some of the ways summer tutoring helps to prepare your child for the coming school year include:
1) Understanding the basics of subjects the learner struggled with during the school year.
Sometimes when a child falls behind it is simply due to overcrowded classrooms and the lack of individualized attention. Many students have different learning styles and if a math teacher or a reading instructor uses a style that is difficult for your child to embrace - learning can slow and issues can develop.
This is neither the fault of the student or the teacher - only the learning circumstances - likely due to lack of individual attention and teacher time available.
2) Getting ahead of the class in preparation for challenging subjects.
Many times parents will use summer tutoring to help their learners get ahead of a subject that promises to be a challenge during the coming school year. Especially if your learner is working on college entrance subjects or exams.
Getting ahead of the learning curve is one of the best ways to help support your child in remaining confident in his/her abilities and self-esteem can also be directly connected to how well children perform in school.
Often parents will realize an issue has arisen due to changes in the student's behavior such as:
  • Increases in irritability
  • A heightened resistance to going to school or
  • An increase in complaints about a certain class, teacher or homework assignment
3) Providing a review of basics such as math, reading, and other difficult-to- master concepts that can slow learning if they are not fully comprehended during the year.

Review of Core Principles, Deeper Comprehension of Difficult Subjects

Many times kids will miss a concept or the principle of a subject's core due to illness, overcrowded classes or difficulty paying attention due to other distractions in the classroom. More often than not your child is struggling due to circumstances they cannot control.

When parents use summer tutoring to support the learning process - summertime is usually the best time for kids to go back a bit and re-address challenge areas so they can continue confidently the following school year. Learning is one-on-one and the home tutor who has made an accurate assessment for the child's learning plan can help your child leap forward.

Within one or two visits per week through the summer - your learner can not only catch up to subjects that became overwhelming - they can also move ahead of the other learners so that going to school looses the overwhelming feeling that comes from struggle with various subjects.

Support and Confidence Makes Taking Tests Easier

You may have a college bound student about to go through standardized testing such as the ACT. College entrance exams can also be a great source of tension and stress for students.

Feeling well-prepared for college entrance exams can make or break the hope for getting into your school of choice. Supporting your student in feeling ready can be one of the most powerfully helpful things a parent can do to help a hard-working student prepare.

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