Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to School Checklist

Posted by Jennifer Benoit


 It's that wonderful time of year again!  To make things easier, we have put together a Back to School Checklist for your family.  Keep up the good planning!

  1. 1. Sort through fall and summer clothes to see what doesn’t fit and donate or hand it off to a family in need.  Do the same with sports cleats.  Make a list of what you need to get as the fall starts.  Keep an eye out (or check store websites) for coupons for clothing.

  2. Make a family calendar for the wall or on your organizer and write the school calendar for all your schools on it.  In other words, get everything at one spot so you won't miss anything!  This is a critical time of year and probably the calmest as the year starts, so take 30 minutes and fill in all the teacher work days, etc.  You'll be glad you did in about six months!

  3. Schedule physicals for each of your children and be sure you have the appropriate paperwork for the beginning of school.  Your school should send out what you need.  If you don’t know, give the school a call or look on their website. 

  4. See what activities you as a parent can be involved in.  Look at the parent groups or organizations in your school.  Many offer opportunities to at-home or at-work parents.  Your help is appreciated and you will make a difference at your child's school.

  5. For younger children, put together some old adult shirts to wear as smocks or to donate to the art room or classroom.  The art teacher and kindergarten teachers will be SO appreciative!  Just be sure that they are appropriate for a child's classroom.

  6. Set up a Backpack Station in your house.  It's essential to have a "home" for your backpack in your house.  For more see our Backpack Organization post.

  7. Set up a homework cabinet or bin along with a homework work space.  Buy any needed supplies when you buy back to school supplies with your students.  Also pick up ways to organize your home by reading our tips here.

  8. Be sure names are in clothing such as jackets, sweaters, or other items that may get taken off during the day.  Use laundry markers and put initials on the tags.

  9. Complete all the paperwork for school.  Take a morning at coffee shop or after the kids are in bed to fill this out uninterrupted.  It will make the beginning of school go much smoother.  Also, put it on your calendar to complete the paperwork at the END of school this year for the next'll be ahead of the game!

  10. Make some fun notes to your children to put in the lunchboxes/lunchbags for the first week.

  11. Schedule haircuts for your children along with a shoe buying trip if needed.

  12. Stock up on juice boxes, water bottles, and snacks for lunches and after school.

  13. Put together a small gift for your younger child’s classroom teacher.

  14. Be sure the camera is charged and have it handy for first day pictures.  See our suggestions for first day pics here!

  15. Make a plan to stop at your favorite ice cream spot or restaurant for dinner/dessert to talk over the first day.  You may think this is only for younger ones, but the older students will want to talk too!

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